Thursday, May 1, 2014

Welcome to the debate!

Issues of access to sexual health service are both extremely important and often debated.  This is just our first step into the debate on this important public health policy issue.

Now that you have spent some time in your groups, done some reciprocal teaching, and read an article that presents an argument on one side of this debate, click on the link with your article name and, as a group, follow the instructions on the page.

Be sure to read the entire set of instructions.  Use your reciprocal teaching roles to read them!

"Dr. Coburn Introduces the 'Parents Right to Know Act'"

"The 'Parent's Right to Know Act' Threatens Adolescent Health"

"Adolescents, Parents and Birth Control"

"Teens Opt for Unsafe Sex, Not Parents' Consent"

"Underage Abortions: Parental notification makes sense for families"

"Parental Consent and Notice for Contraceptives Threatens Teen Health and Constitutional Rights"

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