Thursday, May 8, 2014

Making the arguments and using the rhetoric!

We've discussed what makes an argument strong, done some research on both sides of our debate question, and today spent some time working with classical rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos).

Now, you're going to make some arguments!

Your task is to write a brief argument for both sides of the debate question: "Should minors need to notify their parents to access sexual health services?"

You brief arguments should include at least on of the rhetorical appeals we discussed today.

Click on these links and follow the instructions to get started:

Making arguments in favor of parental notification

Making arguments against parental notification

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  1. Ethos-

    Many people think parental notification its very important when it comes too sexual activities because parents think their kid is too young, that they shouldn't be learning or having sex at a young age but lets be real, The stricter the parents are the sneakier there kids are. Since I' am a teenager myself i understand what parents kids are going through, if they wanna have sexual activities then i think they should be allowed too, teenagers would relate too what am saying because i am a teenager too.